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South Raleigh Bible Church Book Recommendations


Author: Charles C. Ryrie

Dr. Ryrie's book is the first book-length contemporary apologetic for Dispensationalism to be written by a recognized scholar. As such it commands attention. The author, a graduate of Haverford College, Dallas Theological Seminary, and Edinburg University, is well known for his expository and doctrinal writing.

Dr. Ryrie deals fairly and courteously with the critics of Dispensationalism. He faces honestly objections that have been raised against this system of interpretation. He displays mastery of the literature and writes from a perspective of history as well as contemporary theology.

Understanding End Times Prophecy

Author: Paul N. Benware

In the last several decades interest in prophecy seems to have been declining. This has been detrimental to the well-being of the body of Christ. It has robbed us of an important perspective on life here and now, for the knowledge of teh future should affect our actions in the present. To ignore what God says about he future cannot but cloud our insights into the present.

Understanding End Times Prophecy will meet the need especially of Christians who want a clearer understanding of Bible prophecy. Hopefully it will be around for a long time to help many see not only what God is doing but also how they can best fit into His grand plan.

The Gospel According to The Apostles

Author: John MacArthur

I think Christians today are starved for doctrinal content. Five years ago, when I was writing The Gospel According to Jesus, this issue came to the forefront of my thinking. Several publishers warned me that my book was "too doctrinal" to sell. When I finally completed the book, I had to admit it seemed rather like a textbook. It employed theological terminology you might encounter in a Bible college or seminary class room. Almost immediately afer the book was published, I began to get letters from lay leaders asking for more on the subject. They wanted practical advice, spiritual counsel, and they wanted clarification. This book is for those people.

How Long, O Lord?

Author: D. A. Carson

This is a book written by a Christian to help other Christians think about suffering and evil. That means, for instance, that I am not primarily addressing unbelievers who think that the problem of evil and pain is so intractable that it calls into question the very existence of God. There are excellent books that treat the subject from that perspective, but this is not one of them.

Primarily this is a book of preventative medicine. One of the major causes of devastating grief and confusion among Christians is our expectations are false. We do not give the subject of evil and suffering the thought it deserves until we ourselves are confronted with tragedy. If by that point our beliefs-not well thought out but deeply engrained-are largely out of step with the God who has disclosed himself in the Bible and supremely in Jesus, the n the pain from the personal tragedy may be multiplied many times over as we begin to question the very foundations of our faith. This book, then, is designed to help.