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Men's Ministry

The men's ministry at South Raleigh Bible Church exists to develop men to be godly and to be leaders in every sphere of life. Whether in their own personal lives, as leaders in the work place, as leaders of their wife and children or as future leaders in the church, we're determined to equip them for these vital roles in two primary ways.

Study Time

One is through a men's theological study which covers key Biblical Doctrine through the study and discussion of solid books written by godly men. This study meets twice a month on Sunday evenings at 5 at the church and provides men with the tools to understand God and His Word in a deeper way and apply it more thoroughly to their lives. Currently, we're studying "How to Study The Bible" by Richard Mayhue.


The other way we seek to help men become godly leaders is through one on one discipleship. This is the method Jesus and Paul used to develop leaders and the one encouraged in Titus 2, the older to the younger. Pastor David meets with each of the men at SRBC at least once a month and more mature men are encouraged to come alongside men who are younger in the faith for encouragement and guidance in the faith.